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Wheelchair Guide

W.T. Erwin Mobility (Belfast)

Wheelchair Guide

All of our wheelchairs fold up for easy transport and storage. If space is an issue, for example a small car boot, look for models that have rear folding backs and removable rear wheels. Most of our aluminium wheelchair range offer these features.

Transit or Self Propel wheelchair?

Transit (or Attendant) wheelchairs have small wheels on the rear so can not be propelled by the occupant. Self propel models have larger rear wheels with handrims so can either be pushed by an attendant or self propelled by the user.

Aluminium or Steel frame?

Steel framed wheelchairs provide excellent value for money and are ideal where the lifting weight of the wheelchair isn't an issue. Our budget steel self propel wheelchair costs £160 including delivery anywhere in Northern Ireland. However an average steel framed wheelchair will weigh between 16-18 kgs so they are not best suited for regular car transportation. Aluminium framed wheelchairs are considerably lighter than their steel conterparts. Our most popular aluminium wheelchair is the Enigma Lightweight Aluminium range. They are available in transit or self propel and costs £250 including delivery. In carry format these wheelchairs weigh 8.5 kgs making them a lot easier to lift into the boot. Our aluminium framed wheelchairs also have the added benefit of a folding back to reduce the amount of space needed in your boot. They also have the option to remove the rear wheels to further reduce their weight and size, excluding travel chairs.

Travel Chairs

Travel chairs are best suited as an occasional use wheelchair only. They are ultra compact and lightweight making them perfect for car transportation. Our smallest travel chair folds to appoximately 1/3rd of the size of a normal wheelchair and is ideal for small cars.